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    When it comes to kitchen remodeling you can count on Hesd Contractors to give you a kitchen that any top chef would be proud to cook in. The aim of our kitchen contractors is to figure out what type of kitchen you want and help to go about helping you build that dream kitchen.

    First and foremost you have to look at the space you have and attain if you want the kitchen to be open plan or a self contained kitchen. If you want to go the open plan route then sometimes non load bearing walls have to be removed to open the kitchen up to the rest of the house. You then have to consider what the look is you want to go for. Some kitchen cabinets and tiles work well with others so it’s a case of investing in what you feel will look right and not get outdated quickly. If you are not sure about design and you need some additional help we can point you in the right direction or have one of our designers give you the kitchen of your dream.

    Kitchen counter tops really make a difference to a space and there are a few options you can go with. All choices will have their own benefits. Granite and quartz are hard wearing stone that is very popular with modern looking kitchens. They will put the budget up slightly as opposed to other counter tops but it will look amazing and really bring out the wow factor in your kitchen. Another way to go is butcher block counter tops which are can be cheaper and they add a good farm/country look to the kitchen. If you want an industrial look then there is the option of poured concrete counter tops that are very hard wearing and easy to wipe down or you can go the laminate option which is the cheapest way to go per square foot but you will find they need replacing much sooner than stone or harder woods if they get scratched up. You also have to be careful about putting down hot cooking pans on them as they can burn and leave a ring mark.

    If you are going to be getting new appliances then certain things to consider are, do I need a big or small oven? What type of cook top do I want, gas hobs or electric plate? Do I want double fridge that has French doors or just a single open? These things can add to your budget so you need to figure out what look you want and what budget you have to work with.

    There are other aspects of the kitchen you will need to look at but we can help you with all of those details here at Hesd Kitchen Contractors. You will never be alone and you will always have a great team that is with you every step of the way.


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For someone who was unsure about what to do with the space I had in terms of remodeling my home I needed some swift advice. I called Hesd Contractors and told them my dilemma and they sent a general contractor to access the space and work with me in terms of design and layout. I hired them for the full remodel and it was an outstanding experience. Very smart contractors and designers who made the most of opening up my space and modernizing it to let light in while keep privacy. I was impressed from the being to the end of the project and I am thankful I used these guys.

Rich Stanton - Los Angeles

I had an attic that was not really being used and it was a big space so I thought about converting it as a play room for the kids. I decided to get a price quote from Hesd Contractors on how much it would be. Much to my surprise it was not as expensive as I though and it would add a great deal of value to my home by giving my house a huge new room. I pressed ahead and decided to have it done and now 8 months later I now have an awesome area for the kids to play. One day once they get older it will be converted to a family room for everyone to enjoy. They did a great job and the price was way better than expected.

Harry Flinch - Burbank

Hesd Contractors were the number 1 choice for remodeling my kitchen, I had a few quotes and meetings with other contractors but none came close to providing me the same level of planning and costing as Hesd did. They worked with me to give me exactly what I wanted as I can be very specific and it worked out great. I am going to use them to do my bathroom next.

Mercedes Jones - West Hollywood

4.9 stars - based on 146 reviews

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