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    Some of our customers come to us because they have had a bad general contracting experience in the past and now they want a very good one. We instantly put their mind at ease by showing them our previous work and having them call a few of our past clients to let them know we have their best interest at heart and we want to do the best job we can for them. We know companies thrive on word of mouth and for that reason we really go above and beyond to make sure our contracting services are providing the best craftsmanship for you.

    We like to specialize in all aspects of home remodeling so no matter what you need to have done to your home or business we have the resources and the teams to give you the perfect renovation. Our general contractors have fitted over 500 Kitchens in Los Angeles alone. So as you can imagine they have worked on projects of all shapes and sizes and budgets. It is nice to know that you will have a remodeling team that can work alongside you to give you the most perfectly designed kitchen and they will make sure you come in on budget and time. The licensed contractors are great in relocating any appliances that you want moved if you are opening you kitchen up to be more open plan.

    Bathroom remodeling is something that can be simple or complicated depending on how much work you want done. But always know no matter how complicated the remodel we will get it done for you and make sure you have the right permits. And if pipes and walls have to be moved to accommodate your design and ideas we will do that for you. We help you with designing the bathroom to minimize any complications. Should you need a steam shower installed or a nice deep tub then we will be able to help you achieve that.

    Additions are used to expand a home and they can range from extra rooms being added to the home. These can range from guest houses being built and even attic additions being added. All you need is lots of planning and this is what we are here to help you with. Feel free to call us and let us have one of our general contractors come out and help you with your home addition, we look forward to hearing from you.


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For someone who was unsure about what to do with the space I had in terms of remodeling my home I needed some swift advice. I called Hesd Contractors and told them my dilemma and they sent a general contractor to access the space and work with me in terms of design and layout. I hired them for the full remodel and it was an outstanding experience. Very smart contractors and designers who made the most of opening up my space and modernizing it to let light in while keep privacy. I was impressed from the being to the end of the project and I am thankful I used these guys.

Rich Stanton - Los Angeles

I had an attic that was not really being used and it was a big space so I thought about converting it as a play room for the kids. I decided to get a price quote from Hesd Contractors on how much it would be. Much to my surprise it was not as expensive as I though and it would add a great deal of value to my home by giving my house a huge new room. I pressed ahead and decided to have it done and now 8 months later I now have an awesome area for the kids to play. One day once they get older it will be converted to a family room for everyone to enjoy. They did a great job and the price was way better than expected.

Harry Flinch - Burbank

Hesd Contractors were the number 1 choice for remodeling my kitchen, I had a few quotes and meetings with other contractors but none came close to providing me the same level of planning and costing as Hesd did. They worked with me to give me exactly what I wanted as I can be very specific and it worked out great. I am going to use them to do my bathroom next.

Mercedes Jones - West Hollywood

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